Board Members

Board Members

Darkhei Noam is led entirely by a group of lay leaders including its co-chairs, board members, gabbaim, laining and davening coordinators. We strive to make Darkhei Noam a warm and inclusive spiritual home and encourage everyone to introduce him or herself to our lay leaders at kiddush on Shabbat.

Allie Alperovich (treasurer) has been a member of the Board since 2007 and served as co-chair of the minyan from 2010-2012. Allie is counsel in the New York office of Ropes and Gray. She and her husband, Yuri Simon, are the parents of two wonderful daughters. Allie also serves on the executive committee of JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance).

Dave Berman has been a member of the board since 2010, founded the DN young professionals and serves as a member of the ritual committee. He is currently doing his residency in anesthesiology at Mount Sinai, and takes photos and plays music in his spare time. He is married to Rachel Berman, and feels very lucky to be part of such a special community.

Phil Gassel joined the Board in 2015. In 2002, he heard a few people discussing a new minyan they were working to create, that they planned to call Darkhei Noam.  Phil was present and helped lead Darkhei Noam’s first service, and never left. In recent years, he helped to organize and currently serves as co-chair of DN’s Chevra Kadisha.  Phil is married to Molly Pollak who served as a member of the Board from its inception for more than a decade. They have three grown children and one granddaughter, Claire, who frequently attends Darkhei Noam and maintains a close relationship with all of the candy women and men. 

Josh Getzler was at the first meeting of Darkhei Noam in 2002, and has been coming ever since. A member of the Board since its inception, Josh served as co-chair from 2007-2009. A native New Yorker, Josh is a literary agent 24/6.

Bruce Goldberger served as Co-Chair of Darkhei Noam from 2011-13 and currently chairs its Space Committee and is a member of its Bar/Bat Mitzvah Committee. Before joining the Board in 2009, he coordinated children's programming for the shul. Bruce is a compensation and benefits attorney with the law firm of Paul Weiss and is married to Esther Sperber, an architect, and they have two daughters.

Eric Hecht (co-chair) was born and raised in Brooklyn and Long Island. After living in Seattle for eight years, he moved back to New York in 2010 and met his wife and co-gabbai Mindy who introduced him to Darkhei Noam.  He has served on the Ritual Committee and gabbais and leads tefillah frequently.  In his free time, he reduces his stress level by playing ice hockey.

Abby Knopp has been a member of Darkhei Noam since 2005 and joined the board in 2012. She served as co-chair from 2014-2016. Abby is married to Fred Slomovic and has three boys - Etan, Ari, and Noam. Abby is Chief Operating Officer at The Jewish Education Project.

Ariella Lang has been a member of the Board since 2010 and formerly coordinated youth programming for Darkhei Noam. With a PhD in Italian Studies, Ariella directs a program in historical dialogue at Columbia University. She is married to Alex Kornfeld and has three amazing kids. 

David Rendsburg has been of member of Darkhei Noam since 2006 and joined the board in 2008. He helps coordinate kiddush and food for events and is a member of the gabbai team. David is the Director of Bike Rides at Hazon, coordinating the logistics for Hazon's charity bicycle rides in New York, California, and Israel.

Rachel Rosenthal joined the board of Darkhei Noam in 2012. She is a member of the gabbai team and serves as co-chair of the Ritual Committee. She is pursuing a PhD in Rabbinic Literature and Culture at the Jewish Theological Seminary and is a member of the faculty at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education.

Roz Singer (co-chair) has been a member of Darkhei Noam since 2009. Roz has served on several committees for Darkhei Noam and also coordinated logistics for Simchat Torah for several years. Prior to moving to New York City, Roz lived in Washington, DC, where she served on the board of Kesher Israel Congregation. She is married to Robert Bindiger.

Neal Smolar has been a member of Darkhei Noam since 2005. He serves as gabbai at Darkhei Noam, and also as husband to Betsy, and father to Avigayil, Yael and Aidan. When he is not at Darkhei Noam, Neal is a senior transactional attorney for a global banking organization.

Chaim Steinberger joined Darkhei Noam almost at its beginning, and has been a Board member since 2006. He served as co-chair of the minyan from 2009-2011. He often leads davening at the minyan, but what he finds most meaningful is the communal singing of the tefilot. With his wife of 36 years, Chaim and Naomi also enjoy the social aspects of the minyan community. They have 2 grown children whom they are very proud of. Chaim lived in Israel for 9 years, served for several years in the Israeli army, and has lived on the Upper West Side for over 30 years. He also serves as Treasurer of a summer shul in northern Westchester County, NY.

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