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Volunteering at DN

Darkhei Noam Volunteer Opportunities
Darkhei Noam is a lay-led community where everything is made possible by volunteers. In and out of shul there are many opportunities to get involved. We are eager to have you as an active member of our community. Please let us know what programming you'd like to support.
Participate in Lay-Led Weekly Services
As a lay-led community, Darkhei Noam’s weekly services are led and coordinated by volunteers. There is no need for prior experience to participate in weekly services. Our coordinators can connect community members to teachers and resources to learn how to lead any portion of the service, including davening, leining, acting as a gabbai, and giving a D'var Torah.
Primary contacts: Michael Kasdan and Ayelet (Yelli) Lobel
Primary contacts: Rebecca Borison and Robert Mayer
Primary contact: Aaron Marks
Primary contact: Hannah Rothstein
Get Involved in Communal Programming
Selecting and inviting speakers for Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat events throughout the year.

Primary contact: Chaim Trachtman
Planning social and educational events for young professionals throughout the year, including annual Tikkun Yom on Shavuot, Potluck Shabbat, and the DNYP book club.

Primary contacts: Harris Mevorah and Ayelet Lobel
Supporting families by assisting with Shiva details, including setting up the Shiva site and delivering necessary items; providing help with planning a post-cemetery meal; and coordinating Shiva Minyanim.

Primary contacts: Ozzie Haller, Gail Gordon, and Bruce Goldberger
Organizing educational and social events, as well as chesed opportunities, for LGBTQ+ Darkhei Noam members of all ages and the broader Jewish queer community of NYC.

Primary contacts: Leana Tapnack, Neta Lerner, and Isaac Altman
Planning events to educate our community about the climate crisis within a Jewish framework, including Climate Action Shabbat; overseeing the Darkhei Noam composting program; promoting the reduction of food waste at community events; and creating opportunities for personal and collective action in addressing the climate crisis.

Primary contacts: Rachel Mackson-Landsberg and Anne Weisberg 
Coordinating community giving initiatives and planning for Darkhei Noam's ongoing financial development.

Primary contact:  Eric Kaplan
Planning and coordinating youth programming for children of all ages during Shabbat morning and holiday services.

Primary contact: Deena Nerwen
Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784