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Climate Action Committee (CAC) Mission Statement

The mission of the CAC is to educate the community about the climate crisis in the context of Jewish tradition, teachings, and values and create opportunities for community engagement as well as personal and collective action.

Members of the Climate Action Committee

Leslie Cohen
Rachela Elias
Michelle Kraus
Rachel Landsberg
Leah Riegel
Anne Weisberg
Emma Yuan
Deborah Zerden


To learn more about the CAC or to volunteer for specific CAC projects, please email

Climate Divrei Torah

The CAC hosts climate action Shabbats at least twice a year, beginning with an Earth Day Shabbat in April, 2022. In addition, the Shomerei Ha'Adamah Circle meetings each include a short D’var Torah. Click here to see a sampling of these teachings.

CAC Tip of the Month

The CAC publishes a climate action tip of the month that coincides with the Jewish calendar. Click here for the Tishrei tip of the month.

Placards and Other Resources

Each CAC-sponsored Shabbat has placards that are intended to educate and spark conversation. A sampling of the placards is coming soon.

In addition, you can find Shomerei Ha'Adamah Dayenu Circle resources and programming coming soon.

Upcoming Events

October 8 - Parshat Ha'Azinu:  Climate Action Shabbat at Darkhei Noam.  Please join us for a d'var Torah given by Jacob Kose followed by a special kiddush with a close-to-zero-waste target.
Jacob Kose is a Jewish environmental educator, farmer, and storyteller based in upper Manhattan, near the last old-growth forest in New York City. Jacob is the nature and sustainability educator at the Heschel School and has served as a farm manager and educator at Eden Village Camp and the Urban Farm at Randalls Island. He loves to hike and meander with a sense of wonder, and finds purpose exploring fundamental questions with people of all ages and backgrounds.


October 9 - Erev Sukkot. Art making for children hosted by the Climate Action Committee while the Darkhei Noam sukkah is being constructed.  Stay tuned for exact details.


October 16 - Hoshana Raba. 
Jewish Climate Action and You, on Sunday, October 16th from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan.  Please join a special event for people of all ages to learn about what Jewish tradition has to say about protecting the planet, something our sages have much to say about. Hosted by JCAN NYC, This Sukkot: Jewish Climate Action and You celebrates the relationship between Judaism and climate action. Listen to young people speak about their climate journey. Connect with others who share your concern. Bring your children and participate in family-friendly activities. These topics will be explored:
· How to green your home, synagogue, and other spaces
· Advocacy in action – get to know JCAN NYC campaigns
· Youth climate action and advocacy
· Talmud study on the tractate of Sukkot, led by a Columbia University climate scientist
· An introduction to JTree tree planting work
· Money and climate: how personal and institutional investments can make a difference
· NYC residential composting
· Hands-on activity for children - planting seeds and caring for a growing plant

Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783