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Climate Action Committee (CAC) Mission Statement

The mission of the CAC is to educate the community about the climate crisis in the context of Jewish tradition, teachings, and values and create opportunities for community engagement as well as personal and collective action.

Members of the Climate Action Committee

Leslie Cohen
Rachela Elias
Michelle Kraus
Rachel Landsberg
Leah Riegel
Anne Weisberg
Emma Yuan
Deborah Zerden


To learn more about the CAC or to volunteer for specific CAC projects, please email

Climate Divrei Torah

The CAC hosts climate action Shabbats at least twice a year, beginning with an Earth Day Shabbat in April, 2022. In addition, the Shomerei Ha'Adamah Circle meetings each include a short D’var Torah. Click here to see a sampling of these teachings.

CAC Tip of the Month

The CAC publishes a climate action tip of the month that coincides with the Jewish calendar. Click here for the tip of the month for Iyar.

Click here for an archive of previous tips of the month.

Placards and Other Resources

Each CAC-sponsored Shabbat has placards that are intended to educate and spark conversation. A sampling of the placards is coming soon.

In addition, you can find Shomerei Ha'Adamah Dayenu Circle resources and programming coming soon.

Upcoming Events

The next Shomrei Ha'Adamah Dayenu Circle will take place via zoom on Thursday, March 2nd from 8 to 9 pm. As we prepare for Purim, we will follow in Esther's footsteps by creating our own action plans for ourselves in this next time period. As always, we will ground ourselves in Torah, expand our understanding of climate issues and take action in real time. Feel free to log on while you're cooking for Shabbat!

Join us with this Zoom link: If you have questions or to RSVP, email Rachel Landsberg at

Mon, May 29 2023 9 Sivan 5783