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Kiddush Sponsorship

The Darkhei Noam community relies on its members to sponsor kiddushim. We hope you will sponsor a kiddush to mark a simcha, celebrate a birthday, commemorate a yahrzeit, honor an individual's accomplishment, or just to enhance everyone's oneg shabbat. There may be more than one sponsor of kiddush on any given Shabbat (with the exception of special occasions when there is an exclusive sponsorship).

Since not every kiddush is sponsored, we hope you will consider a donation to the kiddush fund so we can provide a kiddush every week. Kiddush Fund donations are much appreciated and will be acknowledged monthly. 

  • Basic Pareve Kiddush: $1,000
    The suggested donation just covers the costs of the basic kiddush which is pareve and includes salads, gefilte fish/herring, crudite, fruit, cookies, and beverages. Sponsorships that cover the greater part of costs (a donation of at least $500) will be acknowledged.
  • Standard Meat Kiddush: $1,500
    Basic Pareve Kiddush items plus meat and pareve cholent and chicken fingers.
  • Upgraded Meat Kiddush: $2,000
    All of the above plus other meat items such as meatballs, franks in blankets, drumsticks, and other meat and pareve delicacies.
  • Exclusive Sponsorship:
    For the cost of food plus $500 we offer an exclusive sponsorship to the donor. With this option you may also customize the menu. 
  • Please note: Dairy kiddush options are also available at the above levels. All kiddushes include pareve and vegetarian options.
  • Contact Darkhei Noam at for more information about sponsorship, menus, etc.

*Please note that we need to place orders for kiddush no later than Wednesday at noon; be sure that we are aware of any requested additions or other changes to the basic kiddush in time by contacting

Kiddush Payment


Dairy kiddush options are also available. Please contact Darkhei Noam for more information.
ex: "by YOUR NAME in honor of XXX" or "by YOUR NAME in commemoration of the yahrzeit of XXXX."


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