Kiddush Sponsorship

The Darkhei Noam community relies on its members to sponsor kiddushim.  We encourage you to sponsor a kiddush to mark a simcha, celebrate a birthday, commemorate a yartzeit, honor an individual's accomplishment, or enhance our oneg shabbat. 

The base Kiddush sponsorship starts at $400 per week and we permit multiple sponsorships on almost all shabbatot and chagim. Larger kiddush options include an expanded parve menu for $800 and a hot chulent kiddush for $1200, although these can also be customized by working with our vendors.

To receive details about sponsorship and book an upcoming date, please contact our Operations Manager.

Kiddush Payment

If you have a user account, please log in order to submit a donation towards a kiddush sponsorship.


Sun, February 25 2018 10 Adar 5778