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2021 Spring Campaign

Dear Darkhei Noam Community,

Fifteen months ago, if you’d told us that Darkhei Noam would be meeting outdoors every Shabbat, bouncing between Riverside and Central Parks with -- maybe -- 35 people coming to MCS every week, I’d have wondered what had gone so wrong.

But as the pandemic struck, if you’d said that every week, we’d have 30 people coming together for daily Shacharit, 40 people for Kabbalat Shabbat, be 35-strong inside for Shabbat Shacharit, and have more than 120 people come to a frozen hill in Central Park on Saturday morning for kids’ programming and Musaf, we wouldn’t have believed it possible either.

That’s the power of our community, and why we need your support as we kick off this Spring Campaign. Over the past year, you’ve seen how important Darkhei Noam is, and we need your help to stay strong as we all navigate back to a different but steady future.

Make a gift now to support DN.

Even in the pandemic, it costs money to keep our shul going. Here’s why:
  • Our ten-year lease with MCS guarantees us access to their space on Shabbat and holidays, and this year, even as the school remained closed through summer, fall, and winter, we were able to meet each week.
  • The quiet work of our many committees keeps us all connected: Shiva support; drop-offs of food or flowers for community members from the Chesed committee; increased programming from our Education committee, despite (or maybe because) of the difficulty gathering in person.
  • Security, especially as we meet in public and outdoors, is an ongoing cost. We rely on these professionals to help keep us safe while remaining welcoming to the Upper West Side community whose spaces we’re using -- many of whom now join us for davening.
  • Halachic support keeps us grounded in what brings us together in the first place, and has been especially important this year as we’ve navigated unprecedented challenges.
  • Our Executive Director, Jordana, who helps tie all of this together each week -- making sure news of joy or loss is shared promptly, Zooms are scheduled, community connections are made, kiddush is ordered, and focus is kept on all the small details that make Darkhei Noam possible. Even in a pandemic.
To keep all this possible, and to help continue evolving and deepening our ways of connecting, we’ve set a campaign goal of raising $100,000. 

Support Darkhei Noam now.

Membership dues cover only 25% of our annual expenses, so even if you’ve recently joined or renewed your membership, or made another donation, this is an important step in keeping Darkhei Noam strong, and we’re counting on your support.

We know this year has been hard in so many ways. We’re hopeful, even excited, about the months ahead.

We hope you’ll support this Spring Campaign, and can’t wait until we’re together again -- in person -- as a community.

Talia Hurwich and Avi Zollman
Darkhei Noam Co-Chairs

P.S.-- You can make a contribution on our website: or send a check to our treasurer - Darkhei Noam, c/o Paul Wachtel, 771 West End Avenue, Apt 5E, New York, NY 10025

Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781