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2018 Spring Campaign

Dear Darkhei Noam Community,


We are excited to announce the launch of our Spring Campaign!


Our campaign target for this year is to raise $80,000 for our shul. Last spring we raised $60,000 in our spring campaign,with approximately 85 donors contributing and all of the demographic groups in our shul well represented. This year, just as we did during our DN@10 campaign a few years ago, our goal is 100% participation.


We hope you will join the campaign to support our shul. We appreciate donations of any amount because every dollar matters.


You can make a contribution on our website: or send a check to our treasurer (see address below).


Over this year, we have continued to invest in our infrastructure, with Shabbat, chag and other programming, including expanded youth programming, as well as occasional classes during the week. We are hopeful that Jordana Golden, our new full-time executive director, will enable to expand these programs even further.


Our overall budget for the year is approximately $350,000, and the largest expense by far is the rent we pay to MCS and SAJ and other "satellite" locations (along with security costs). Unlike most shuls, we don't own a building or have a large staff, but we still do have significant expenses, which include:


**Weekly rent for Friday night, Shabbat morning, Chagim and Yamim Noraim: Approximately $150,00 per year.


**Childcare (babysitting, youth groups): $20,000 per year.


Thankfully, we have been very successful this year in expanding our membership and we are so grateful for all of your donations to date. However, because we have kept our dues stable for the past several years, membership covers less than a third of our budget.


If you prefer to send a check, please mail it to: Darkhei Noam c/o Allie Alperovich, 41 West 96th Street, Apt. 9B, New York, NY 10025.


As always, please visit our website, for more information about the Spring Campaign and all other news DN-related.


Thank you in advance for your generous support.


Allie Alperovich

Darkhei Noam Treasurer


P.S. You can make a contribution using our general donation form.

Membership dues are a significant part of our fundraising. You can renew your membership or make a donation online.

As always, please visit our website,, for more information about the Spring Campaign and all other news DN-related.

Thank you for your continued support!





Mon, September 24 2018 15 Tishrei 5779